Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving at Rob's

 This year, for the first time, we didn't have Thanksgiving at home. Even in recent years, Mom has made a special meal for the two of us. This year - another year older - and we wanted to include Bob and Tom. So we opted for Rob's Restaurant in Brookville and we were happy with our choice.

 The food was delicious and the waitresses were wonderful.

 Who can complain about a Thanksgiving meal for less than $10. All you can eat!

 We arrived just after 11:30 am and our reservation (made over a month ago) was for noon. The waitress took us to our table, our name was crossed off the list and we were seated immediately. We didn't need the allotted hour but it was nice to know we weren't going to be rushed.

 Here's Tom "loading up". I opted for salad first. The other three dug right into the main coarse.

An overview of the food buffet

 Salads? Rob's has quite an extensive selection. This is my favorite spot.

Mom and Bob

Finally seated and with food on our plates..

 Tom and Bill

 I shouldn't point this out but this is Bob's second plate of food. Was this really necessary?

 The main meal's done and now we're looking at the desserts. Tom's adding soft-serve ice cream to his.

 Apple dumpling and pumpkin cake with ice cream atop. Tom's a happy man.

 My own dessert is soft-serve ice cream with chocolate syrup and, of course, sprinkles.

 By this point we've paid our bills and Tom and Bob are talking. Bob's holding Mom's coat (she's in the restroom, of course).

 After I've got Mom to the car, Bob and Tom are still in conversation. It's not too bad an afternoon, though: cloudy with snow flurries and 32°.

Bob and Mom 

 When we get home, what's the first thing we think of? Cards? What's the second thing? Finding something to eat. Tom brought a nut-based cracker, goat cheese and beer. That's a nice combination!

Tom and Bob 


 Tom brought a "growler" of Listermann Brewing Company's "Nutcase", a peanut butter porter that's out of this world. Talk about unusual! Mom served it with Planter's Cocktail peanuts and the crackers and goat cheese Tom brought.

 The beer is a dark porter with plenty of foam. It's not for the faint of heart.

 We had a quite afternoon, just the four of us. Bob, by the way, won both games of the Michigan Rummy that we played.
 How could Thanksgiving be improved? Good food, good people, sharing.

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