Monday, November 24, 2014

The Original Pancake House

 Yesterday (November 23) Tom and I enjoyed brunch at The Original Pancake House in Cincinnati. Besides the good food, we met his dear friend, Pam Beery and her brother Mark. They're in town to visit Mark's new grandchild.

 Tom told me about Dutch Babies a week or so ago and said they were the best pancakes he's ever had. Pancake is a bit of a misnomer. They're dinner plate size, high-risen and are actually a German version of pancakes. They're a meal in themselves (you'll see for yourself in a moment).

The Original Pancake House is in an eastern suburb of Cincinnati 

Mark holds the door for Tom. Pam's already inside and I, as usual, am taking pictures 

 Behind the cashier is a large salt water aquarium. Quite pretty and quite extensive.

 Keeping this massive aquarium clean and all the marine life healthy must be a major undertaking.

Pam and Mark Beery 

Tom met Pam while in high school in Findlay, Ohio and they've been fast friends ever since. I can understand why.

 We're looking over our menu's and waiting to order. My guess is that Tom is demonstrating the apparent size of the Dutch Babies. It's only a small exaggeration.

Bill and Mark

 Thumbs up for good friends and good food.

The Original Pancake House official coffee mug

 The Pancake House isn't afraid to make strong, potent coffee. It's Hawaiian Kona Blend and it's good! They filled a carafe which Pam and I (mostly I) shared.

 Pam ordered a fruit cup: fresh pineapple, strawberries, grapes and bananas.

"My" Dutch Baby

 And what about the Dutch Baby/. That's what we came for and here's what we got. The pancake is served with lots of powdered sugar, butter and lemon wedges. The lemon is drizzled (by the customer) over the pancake for a delicious effect. There was maple syrup, too, but I never slowed down long enough try any.

"Tom's" Dutch Baby

This recipe is probably close to what I had. Click here to see it.

 So, great time yesterday. Can it get any better?

Bill and Tom. Photo Credit: Pamela Elayne Beery

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