Thursday, June 25, 2015

Captain 9's

 On Sunday (June 21) Mom and I celebrated the first day of summer with pizza at Captain 9's in Germantown. We usually have lunch at Sycamore Medical Center because they offer vegetarian items and the price is low. But we decided to splurge this time and share a pizza.

 Mom's sitting there with her coin purse, already fretting about paying for half the meal. We ordered a Cheesy Bread "to go" and a medium pizza (nearly $18 total) so it wasn't cheap. Usually we eat at SMC for about $2 each.

 Their pizza is truly excellent. Though I enjoy Pizza Hut's pan pizza, it's nice every now and then to have a traditional thin crust. Mae always ordered hers "extra crispy" and this one was done more along those lines. I sprinkled on a bit of pepper flakes ... quite hot but it gives the pizza an extra punch. And salt ... even with green olives (and mushrooms), more sodium was hardly needed.

 Paper plates? Yep, works fine. And plenty of napkins.
 And so summer begins and we start it off with a pagan show of gluttony.

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