Saturday, June 13, 2015


 Yesterday (June 12) Tom and I had lunch at LuLu's Rice and Noodles on Kemper Road in Cincinnati. We had planned to eat at the Spaghetti Factory but found it closed when we arrived (they open at 4:30 pm for dinner). We had both enjoyed LuLu's once before and it wasn't too far away so the alternate choice was easy.

 The helpings are huge. We both ordered Lard Nar (#4), a dish of "broccoli and carrots in a light brown sauce over wide rice noodles". Tom always orders the noodles "extra crispy". He added extra snow peas to his dish; I added cashews.
 Both dishes seem to have crinkle-cut zucchini as a prominent vegetable; also water chestnuts and miniature ears of corn. Everything was perfectly prepared and arrived at the table quickly and steaming hot..

 Lard Nar (#4) with extra snow peas

Lard Nar (#4) with cashews

 We orders a couple of vegetable egg rolls before the meal, too.

 The server brought two condiments for the egg rolls: a mustard sauce that is surely better to clean out sinuses than most decongestants and a hot chili sauce. While Tom thought the chili sauce too hot, I found it had little heat for me.

 The hot mustard, by contrast, not only clears the sinuses (and presumably those at nearby tables), it had a sudden effect on me after swallowing that made my eyes burn and my forehead feel hot. The stuff is powerful!
 So, a wonderful day and one we used to celebrate a year after our first meeting, coming up next week on June 15.

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