Monday, June 1, 2015

Penn Station

Friday, May 29, and Tom and I are thinking about lunch. We drive north on Hamilton Avenue. "If you see anything you like, tell me," Tom says. When I'm hungry I like anything. I was hungry.

Tom suggests Perkins. OK, I like Perkins so we stop there, are seated and check out a menu. Trouble is, there's no vegetarian offerings. Oh, I could have them make an omelette but it's over $8 and that price assumes I'm going to be adding meat. I like Perkins. I just wish they had specific vegetarian specials.

Tom picks up a dessert menu. "How about we have dessert here and then go somewhere else?" Tom asks. I settle on a slice of apple pie. Tom decides on a slice of chocolate pie topped with fresh strawberries. My pie is excellent, tastes homemade. Tom picks a bit at his and says he's disappointed, just run-of-the-mill chocolate pudding with a few strawberries tossed atop.

 We eat our pie and wait for a bill. Then we head to Penn Station.

 It's not so busy, either, but I'm anxious to have one of their vegetarian subs which I've always loved. Something hot. Something fresh. The bread is to die for.

 Tom and I wait while the subs are made, sip our drinks and talk.

 I admire this sign on the wall beside us. Penn Station's fries are wonderful ... cut with the skins still on. Lightly salted. Scalding hot from the deep fryer.

 My veggie sub is enormous. I just ordered the 6", their smallest, but I had it topped with ... everything. It's a little too much to fold up and eat so I grab a fork and go after what falls out. What's in there? What isn't?

 Tom opted for the artichoke sub and if I had noticed it on the menu I'd have ordered it, too. For once, here is a place which actually adds artichokes. They're stuck in melted cheese. Tom ordered the 8" sub and gave me a healthy taste so I'd know next time. Yep, gotta get one.

Well worth the $9.23 I paid.
Now it's time to work a bit. Tom and I head for his house and continue with removing items before the June 1 deadline. It's hot on the third floor - no electricity and no air conditioning (and little light, for that matter) - but Tom has been making nice progress in the past month. We load boxes and carry them to his Prius and then head for his apartment.

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