Sunday, October 30, 2016

Crosley Field Redux

 I've had only one brush with Crosley Field - the real, original Crosley Field - and that was in 1966 when I attended a Beatles concert there. That field is long gone but Tom was telling me that a Crosley Field Red-Creation was constructed in Blue Ash, Ohio ... so yesterday we went to see it.

 Re-constructed in 1988, the "new" Crosley Field is located on Grooms Road. It's part of the Blue Ash Sports Center.

 My first impression was that is wasn't as big as the original Crosley Field but I can't find anything which notes its scale. Maybe I simply remember Crosley Field being larger? Certainly some of the expansive bleachers at the original ball field are not here and that alone would make it seem smaller.

 The scoreboard and some of the seats are from the original park.

 A new story about where various items from the original field are located was published here.

 This plaque is fixed to one of the original ticket booths from the original Crosley Field.

 Of course for most Crosley Field was the home of the Cincinnati Reds from 1884 to 1970 It was called Redland Filed before 1970). But for me, it was home to the Beatles, if only or half an hour.

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