Monday, October 3, 2016

Henhouse Gets New Window

 Back in July, I happened to see that a window on the henhouse had fallen out. The place is old and some of the wood is rotten. Though we still call it the henhouse, it's more accurately a potting shed at this point, I also contains the leftover bricks from when this house was given a veneer back in the 1960's.

 Here's what I saw on July 11 ...

 The window frame had collapsed and both panes of glass were lying on the ground.

 Later that same day I found a piece of Bakelite in the barn and covered the gaping hole. I also painted it white to match the henhouse. Mom said she didn't like the looks of it and could I find a replacement window?

 I wasn't in a hurry. Where was I going to find another old window? But on August 8 I went into the henhouse and measured the opening. This is the interior view I sent Tom. He gets into stores that I never frequent and felt sure he could find something,

 Also, for comparison, I walked to the north side of the henhouse and took this picture of the other existing window. Bob and I framed this one up in the early years when we actually kept chickens here.

 Tom found a window and delivered it several weeks ago. It was slightly too wide, though the height was close to perfect. Yesterday (October 2) I decided to tackle the job.

 First I removed the cover board and had access to this gaping hole. I measured the internal frame and cut a little off the window Tom supplied (that's it lying inside the frame on the stacks of house bricks). It turned out to be not quite as bad a project as I had figured.

 Here is the window first slipped into place. It required a little trimming to fit properly and a little shimming to level. But it fit into the opening and I think it looks good.
 There's lots of rotten boards on the henhouse (evidence the bottom left of the window) but I suppose I have bought time with this repair.

 From a distance here's how the henhouse looks after installing the window.

 And here's how it looks after trimming it with a redwood frame. I initially planned to paint the redwood white but everyone likes the contrast better. So, for now, project done.

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