Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mid-Summer Sunset

The other evening, I walked into the backyard just after sunset, while the orange glow was still pronounced in the northwest, and enjoyed the last minutes of the day. The day has noticeably shortened already and it's losing about two more minutes with each passing day. We are sliding steadily towards winter again, even while the heat holds.
This first shot is towards the northwest, though an opening in the pines caused by one which died this year. Last spring my brother and I took it down and reduced it to logs which are now seasoning for the winter ahead. I might have plugged the hole with another seedling but for the fact that I like the opening. While the cold wind may pass through that space unimpeded, so may my vision in the other direction. It is something I don't want to give up just yet.

Then, looking to the southwest a little later, the moon is idly hanging there among the clouds. A lone dog barks in the distance and only a passing car disturbs my thoughts. I enjoy the clarity of a winter sky but I love the time I may linger beneath a summer one, when the wind is not biting at me and coaxing me back inside.
And yet Orion is still beyond view and I love the winter sky more for Orion alone. There is no other constellation that moves me quite the same. It will not be long.

Isn't this a gentle picture? Don't you want to pull a chaise lounge into the grass, plop a pillow down and just look up for a while? Can't you anticipate the fall crickets and katydids?