Saturday, August 29, 2009

Speaking of apples ...

Earlier today I posted the recipe for our apple crisp and I suppose we were still thinking about that when we made another trip to Crossroad Orchard. We bought a bag of Jonathan's for Bob's family and dropped them off after stopping at the library.
As we walked back to the car, I couldn't help but admire the trees heavy with their fall crop. I certainly can't tell you what kind of apple this is but the ones in the foreground sure look healthy ... and delicious!

Another entry I want to make to this blog is an update to the picture of the mushrooms I posted on 08/23/09. I said then - and I believed it to be true - that a mushroom does most of its growth at the beginning. For these, however, that's not true.
Each day as we walked the path at the park, I noticed the mushrooms changing. First they seemed to have been stepped on. That set them back a day or two. Then they seemed to be expanding. Today they are quite an expanse of white.
Compare this to the initial entry on August 23, a mere 6 days ago. Look at how much they have changed.

They seem to have almost grown together. You can barely tell where one begins and the other ends. Their beautiful "toasted" top is gone and they're now essentially pure white. How the world around us does change! Look closely or it'll soon be gone.