Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Think you know?

Think you're pretty good at riddles? OK, what is it?

Now don't cheat! Don't move down the page and have a look at the whole object. What are you looking at?
Is it the edge of a dove's feather? Is it sugar sprinkled atop a cupcake? Is it a piece of pure white paper folded in some unusual Origami style?
A hint: This morning as I walked across the dew-soaked grass to place some vegetable debris into our compost (which we move to various locations at the edge of the garden), I spotted this object on the opposite side, standing there alone in the cool shadows as the first rays of the sun began moving across the garden.
So, what is it?

It is probably a Coprinus, a delicate (and edible) mushroom with a pleated cap. But I'm hardly sure so there's not a chance I'll be adding it to a salad.

We had a very heavy rain on Monday (almost 0.8" in a matter of minutes) and the humidity has been very high since then. Last night we had a light shower which added even more moisture. This little fellow took advantage of the weather and decided its time had arrived.

What a treasure it is to find mushrooms sprung to life overnight! Though this one is not uncommon - it enjoys even lawns from May through October in the eastern United States - with its dew-spotted cap, it's a true present of the season.