Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nature today

So what does a single summer day present to me?
For starters, mushrooms.

This clump of mushrooms was first spotted yesterday at the Farmersville-Jackson Twp. Joint Park. They had just sprouted beneath an old pine. I didn't have a camera with me then, plus I wanted to see what a day would do for them. The answer: nothing. They looked no different today than yesterday. So any growth must happen initially.

The I was reading a book ("Breakfast at Sally's") on the sofa when I spotted movement outside the nearby window. I stood and saw this butterfly slowly moving his wings. Or was it an unfelt breeze? In any case, he stayed at the same spot for some minutes and seemed to be exercising his wings. Were they wet with the morning dew? Or was he almost a meal for some other creature. As I looked closely, his wings were tattered and had a few holes. His season is ending.

Later this afternoon I went into the barn and found this worm clinging to the vinyl siding near the door. He was a compact, fat green worm and seemed pretty much asleep in the sunshine. I didn't bother him any longer than it took to take this picture. Are green worms stopping too low? Never!

So how about this salmon zinnia? Could there be a prettier shade? The front flower bed is alive with zinnias just now. What? Two more months and we'll be cleaning the last of the frost-blasted debris.

And this zinnia, too ... a pretty orange that caught my attention. All from a single pack of seeds. What variety there is in nature, even within a single species. How can there be boredom anywhere on this planet while there are flowers?