Saturday, February 15, 2014

Again ...

 Just when you think you're going to get a break winter returns.

 We've had three days at freezing or above. The snow depth seemed to be lessening a bit. There were even patches in the driveway and on dark surfaces where the snow was showing some melting.

 Then came late yesterday. An inconsequential storm began to intensify and track a little north of the expected path. As the snow flakes began to fall, all I could think of was, "Here we go again."

 We woke to about four new inches of snow this morning. The total depth at several spots I measured was eight inches.

 That's not to say it isn't pretty. Just unwelcome.

 Here's a view out our driveway at about 7:30 am, before Bob arrived to pick me up for breakfast at 8:15 am. By making a few tire tracks in the snow, I'll have an easier time bringing in the mail.

 The rear of the house is piled high with snow. The stack I have against the brick is designed to help keep the pipes in the bathroom from freezing (it works well). The satellite dish probably won't work until I brush the snow free. The path you see at the left of this image was dug so I could get to the rain gauge, bring it in and melt the collected snow and report my daily reading before 8 am.

 The rain gauge is on the left side of this image, nearly buried in snow. Beyond it stretches our back yard, pretty much impassible without high boots. It's hard to believe I'll be mowing this in just a couple of months.

 Looking up from the porch towards our back roof, it holds so much snow that I'm actually worried about the weight supported there. Drifts have piled it up so that they are a couple of feet deep. I suppose it would be more dangerous to go up there and try to shovel it off than to wait for the temperature to slowly do the work for me.

 Looking north towards the woods, this concrete bench is where I feed the songbirds a handful of peanuts every morning. I walk out with half a dozen unsalted peanuts and whistle while I place them there. Immediately the trees begin to vibrate with landing birds, quick to pick up the offered snack. They often come before I've walked very far away.

 By 8 am, the sun is shining and the south side of our house looks almost inviting. My previous footprints have accepted the new snow but they still show in the morning light. I read the electrical meter there every week so we can judge how our energy costs are coming along.

 And on the north side of the house, also facing east, the risen sun casts shadows through the pines and brings the new snow into high relief. It looks warmer than it is (15°). Tonight we'll dip that cold again and then begin a steady warm-up. Monday should bring a wintry mix of sleet, freezing rain and even rain. Tuesday will rise into the mid-40's, Wednesday to 50° and Thursday should top 60°.

 So this scene I've recorded may be soon gone. But then I've said that before.

Later: Like waves in an ocean, Phil Coffman stopped by and plowed out our driveway with his John Deere. He pushes the snow carefully out of the way and to the rear of our drive. It rolls like thunderous surf back there and, I suspect, may outlast winter itself.

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  1. While I do understand you are tired of the white stuff, I can say - I never tire of the beauty from the fresh blanket of snow...

    Your photos click at just the right times and do the beauty justice. The shadows and the lighting - the framework of the trees and branches...

    A true testament to nature's glory! I never tire of seeing the outdoors through your camera captures.

    Thank you, always