Thursday, February 20, 2014

What lurks out here?

 Our neighbors have mentioned the howls of coyotes in their creek area. I have not heard them. And yet as I walk in and out of their lane, some strange tracks have begun appearing. While they seemed feline to me, others insist they are canine in nature.

 I took this shot of one of the tracks yesterday. The icy mud held the print quite clearly. Though I didn't have anything to measure with me. I placed my shoe beside this track after taking the photo and then measured my shoe when I got home. I put the width of the track in the three to four inch range.

 Today I went armed with my better camera (the first shot was taken with my cell phone) and a yardstick. Trouble was, the showers overnight, and yesterday's thaw, served to erase most of the tracks. I found this one, however:

 This appears to be a double track but it does a better job of showing the nails.
 So, anyone want to offer an opinion? On Facebook, my friends are saying it's probably a dog. If not, a coyote.
 The tracks appeared after my morning walk (about 8 am) and before my late afternoon walk (about 3 pm). I would not expect a coyote to be out in a somewhat visible location during daylight hours.

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