Saturday, February 22, 2014

Touch of Spring

 It seemed we would never get rid of the snow. And yet, almost overnight, it is gone.
 I measured eight inches a week ago. And then we had temperatures into the lower 60's, sunny days and breezes - not to mention rain - and the last of the winter's snow was melted away. Cold memories, those.
 And yet this morning the expansive pooled field behind our house froze over again and looks more like a winter skating rink.

 Just prior to 8 am, the sun was rising and I walked into the field to shoot back towards Pinehaven (just to the left of center). The area of pooled water is large due to Thursday night's 0.64". The ground is still mostly frozen and the water was left with nowhere to go. That, and the added snow-melt, gave us ample moisture for this late-winter's day. In fact, meteorological winter lasts only another six days.

 When I got back to Sam's house, this bright red barn shone beautifully in the early morning sun. That and the clear blue sky and bare trees completes the almost-spring scene. We will have plenty of cold weather ahead but surely the worst is over.
 Dare we hope?

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  1. Would be nice if there was a Pinehaven Lake! As always, the photos are just glorious! Enjoyed!