Monday, February 17, 2014

Pinehaven's Potter

 Mom didn't know anything about Pinehaven yet. She was still two years away. And yet the first pottery items (and still one of only three items) that she made by hand was emblazoned with pine trees. It's as though this "Pinehaven Mug" foretold our coming here.

 Pinehaven Mug - 1985

 Mom remembers attending a class at Wright Patterson Air Force Base with Bob's then-wife, Norma. She remembers little of making the mug other than firing it, painting the pine trees and glazing it. It's been 29 years since she was thus introduced to pottery-making.

 The bottom of the mug is signed: Mary S 85. There seems to be some other identification (Arnet's?) but she has no idea how that got there. Was there a mold involved? The mug certainly looks to be entirely hand-made.

 For a second project, Mom made hanging bells. They're part of a wind chime which she has hanging in the kitchen window. There are three bells, of decreasing size as you rise, each held together by a thin nylon line.

 Here's a close-up of one of the bells. The "clanger" that rings the bell also supports the bell below it. When the assembly gets to moving, it rings a pretty tune. The bells pitch is set by their various sizes, the smallest being the highest.

 So what's the third item Mom made? She doesn't remember. Nor do I. But we'll come across it one of these days and say "Aha!".

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  1. The 'events' at Pinehaven never cease to amaze and delight! :)