Monday, August 30, 2010

Apple Pickin' Time

 There's nothing like the earliest hint of fall ... a chill in the air some mornings and grass and leaves which take on a worn out, drier look. The corn is drying, the soybeans are yellowing, the growing season is coming to a close.
 But as one thing ends, another begins. Now it's time for apples and the trees are hanging thick with them.

 This shot was taken at Crossroad Orchard, on SR 725 near Jamaica Road in Miamisburg. What gorgeous apples! Each seems the picture of perfection.
 I remember my grandparents going to Bear Lake, Michigan each fall and they'd come home with bushel baskets of fragrant apples. My grandfather would finger them, find the perfect one and offer it to me just to see my reaction. I can still remember the smell in the car when they opened the door after the 450 mile trip. He was as proud of those apples as if he'd picked them himself (maybe he did).

 Here's Mom at Crossroad Orchard picking a bag of Jonathan apples. I love the varieties that are a little on the tart side. They're better, too, for baking. How we love making apple pies and apple dumplings. The scent of baking apples along with cinnamon and nutmeg is enough to make me a little dizzy ... even just thinking about it.

 As our tomatoes weren't that good this year, Mom bought a couple of these beauties to bring home for sandwiches and salads. What's prettier than a bright red ripe tomato?
 So, our fall season is already underway, even if the calendar hasn't yet caught up. Before you know it, the first flakes of snow will be falling and we'll be thinking back to these wonderful warm days of fall.