Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Heat & The Storm

 This may well be remembered as the first summer where global warming had a noticeable affect on the average citizen. Today we peaked at 95 degrees, the hottest we have been in many years. Add to that the fact that this was the 29th time this summer that we've made it to 90 or beyond. Last summer that number for the entire season was 12.
 Along with the heat, in recent weeks we've been quite dry. Other than two rainfalls of about half an inch - on the 1st and on the 5th - we've had no more than a few very light showers.
 Today was different:

 This shot was cropped from a video I took about 4:30 PM looking west through the back door. Oh, did it rain! In fact, the bulk of the rain may have lasted ten minutes (though it rained about 20 total). We had 0.85".
 I'd say the wind peaked at about 30 MPH or so but we didn't have any damage or hail.
 Of course we always have summer thunderstorms and I certainly remember times of excessive heat when I was a child (without air conditioning, yet). But somehow, something seems different, as though we're on the brink of a disaster. Hasn't a tipping point in the delicate balance of this planet been reached?
 At the moment I'm reveling in the cooler air (74 at 5:45 PM) brought down by the thunderstorm. But I know it won't last. It also makes me think of winter. Will it be above average? Will we actually save something on our electrical bills?
 Earlier Mom and I walked at the pond. Two young teens were fishing but began gathering their gear when we heard thunder gathering in the west. So, too, the swimming pool must have cleared (today was "dollar day" with free ice cream provided by the Jackson Twp. Police). Finally, a sand volleyball tournament was underway. It was nice getting home before the rain.