Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Frog

  Most summer days when I take my walk at the Farmersville-Jackson Twp. Park, I enjoy the trump of a distant frog as I make my turn around the pond. Though there are now several (at least), I seldom have the opportunity to see one. They are a shy race.

 But as I walked along the west side of the pond, this fellow was lounging contentedly on a mass of moss and weedy aquatic debris. As I approached, he held his ground and I took this picture while still several paces away so at least I might have something to show for it.

 Walking closer and closer, he sat there motionless. I aimed the camera, held it steady and clicked off a few shots (aided by the telephoto). This picture is the best of the lot. Such a vivid green! If you look into the water you can see his olive-tan legs, too.
 After taking the shot, I continued on my walk. When I came back around, I again walked toward him, thinking I might shoot a few more pictures. But, no! He would have no more of that and quickly dove from view.
 The trumping I hear most days is disembodied, a hollow return from some hidden recess of the pond. But I was lucky to at least catch a brief glimpse of one of the introverted frogs. I am happy that their numbers are increasing. The year will come when I do not have to hunt for them.