Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shot by a Chair?

 Whoever heard of getting shot by a chair?
  Let me explain: a few days ago I was sitting at my desk, busily typing away and I began to stand up from the chair. I heard a loud snap - almost like a gunshot - and felt a rather serious blow to my lower right leg. A spring beneath the seat had broken and the jagged metal shot right into my leg like an arrow.

 I went outside to photograph the injury in daylight and this is how it looked. The actual injury is on the left side of this photograph and blood has begun to run down my leg as I walked.

 Here's a vertical view. Note the drop of blood at the top of my white sock.
 The chair, I should say, is one of those portable, fold-up chairs that are so popular at church gatherings. These chairs (we've had several) were from Gebhart & Schmidt Funeral Home in Miamisburg and came home with my grandfather when he left the business (probably in the early 1940's). Thus the chair is older than I.
  A good soapy washing followed by an application of an antibiotic ointment was my solution to the injury. I was asked if I've had a recent tetanus shot? The last I remember was in elementary school in the 1950's. I suppose its protection has worn off.
 Never mind. A few days later, I'm almost as good as new. My jaws haven't locked and the wound is fading.
Leave it to me to get shot by a chair.