Sunday, August 9, 2015

127 Yard Sale

 Sometimes our schedules just work to our advantage. It was my turn to visit Tom and, on August 8, it was also the date for the 127 Yard Sale. It runs from Addison, Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama, 690 miles this year. The annual sale runs August 6-9.

 Tom lives on Hamilton Avenue (Route 127) in Northside (Cincinnati).

 So, on the agenda was a walk-through Tom's neighborhood where we could nose through the garage sale items.

Many of the booths were set up on Hoffner Street, closed to traffic for their Northside Community Garage Sale and Art Market. The community hosts "Second Saturday" events in the summer.
 I figured I'd have parking problems but I pulled in near my usual spot on Knowlton Street.

 In front of Tom's apartment, a city bus passed by.

 We turned the corner onto Hoffner and found a block of garage sale items. It wasn't crowded, though, and Tom said the turn-out was less than previous years. We later drove around the neighborhood and came to the same conclusion.

 Amy Devers - furniture designer, carpenter, television personality, and design blogger" - was there with her Krylon Crew. Devers is host of A&E's Fix This Yard, Victory Garden's edibleFEAST on PBS and a designer/carpentry expert on  OWN's Home Made Simple.

 Tom and I happened to walk by a sale booth when the group was filming a segment and we were both asked to sign releases. Here's Tom (left side of frame) signing the release ...

 I signed form #24 and the gal (the one just right of Tom in this shot) who asked us to sign took a picture of us holding our forms so the number could be associated with out faces. Interesting day!

 This is Dever's Krylon van. Krylon sponsors "The World's Longest Garage Sale". Read about this by clicking here.

 One shop on Knowlton Street had their wares stacked throughout the building. I just missed two telescopes which a guy was paying for when I turned the corner. The reflector would have been perfect for me.

 A warm, humid day ... and a little tiring from all the walking, but fun just the same. It was certainly something different.

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