Sunday, August 30, 2015

Making Tollhouse Cookies

 Tom found a good deal on Nestle chocolate morsels and asked whether we might make chocolate chip cookies when he visited yesterday. He arrived with two sticks of butter, too. We supplied the other ingredients.

 We used the original Nestle Tollhouse Cookie recipe as posted on Click here for a copy of the recipe.

 I gathered the ingredients and poured them into the bowl. Tom serves as mixer ...

 He dropped the dough onto our non-stick cookie sheet. The recipe made four dozen (not the five dozen promised).

 They bake very quickly ... just ten minutes per pan.

 We ate a couple to test them (delicious!) and after they cooled we put a few in a container for him to take home, saved some here for Mom and put the rest into a tin for Coulter Buhler who is attended college in Sheridan, Wyoming. They'll be mailed tomorrow.
 There's nothing like cookies to make a Saturday afternoon special.

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