Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bonsai Show at Krohn Conservatory

 Our timing is often spot-on. My weekend at Tom's seems to often coincide with something going on that we both truly want to see. Yesterday we attended the annual bonsai show at the Krohn Conservatory.

 Sponsored by the Bonsai Society of Greater Cincinnati, there's plenty more to see here than a "tree in a pot".

Krohn Conservatory -  Eden Park - Built 1933

Built in the Art Deco style, the Conservatory is described as "aluminum and glass" 

It costs $4 admission but you've hit it lucky ...
Jump aboard my camera and join Tom and I for a complimentary tour

First, the Bonsai Show

... "a living sculpture never quite finished." [BSGC] 

"Bonsai is a dynamic art, constantly changing." [BSGC] 

"There is nothing mysterious about bonsai. It only requires
a sense of design, basic horticultural knowledge about your tree,
and a healthy dose of patience." {BSCG]

And now to the rest of the Conservatory ...

Near the entrance is a vendor selling rocks and minerals ... popular with the kids

Tom and I turn left and walk down the first corridor at the Krohn 

A papaya holds three fruit high above our heads

Staghorm - or Elkhorn - Fern

Return to the main entrance, and then directly back ... 

In nature we first learned the meaning of corrugation 


Perhaps a banana tree? 

Rainforest Waterfall

A restful 15 seconds at the waterfall ...

Just looking up produces a marvelous view 

Now, to the right of the main entrance

Yeah, that's what it looks like to me, too 

The carnivorous Pitcher Plant 

A Bromeliad 

And now to the orchid room

Beauty is often in point of view 

Even the cacti are beautiful here

Back outside, as we left, a Monarch gathers nectar

 The Krohn is a beautiful stop on a summer afternoon. I imagine it would be even more marvelous on a snowy winter's day. In any case, it is worth every minute we spent there.

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