Sunday, August 23, 2015

Jungle Jim's - 40 Years

 They're having their 40th anniversary celebration and I've never been there before. That doesn't mean I haven't heard about the place. That once-produce stand has grown into a spectacular grocery and a little bit of everything else.

 Well, not a "little bit" ... a lot.

 Jungle Jim's is known for their in-depth offerings. Not a few kinds of mustards but a world's selection. Whatever it is, they offer it in a dazzling array of choices.

  Located in Fairfield (Cincinnati) on Dixie Highway, Tom suggested we check it out because of their special celebration. It's a long drive from Northside. Dixie must have a traffic light every hundred feet and we stopped at nearly every one.

 I was surprised at how little marked the place was. I didn't see any major Jungle Jim's sign, just a a section of monorail near the roadway. I suppose if you don't already know where the place is, you can find it by merely following the other cars.

The entrance

 In last Sunday's Dayton Daily News article, Tim Bachman, the Director for Development in Fairfield called Jungle Jim's "the single most known destination on Dixie Highway."

You want cheese? Chose among the mile 

Or beer ... by the bottle 

Tom checks out the jelly and jam aisle ... and buys two, quince jelly among them
It's not something he could find anywhere else 

Tilapia? I've certainly heard of them before but I've never seen one
And certainly not a huge aquarium full of live ones 

There are plenty of registers to check-out and still we had a wait

 I asked Tom if the crowds of whole families was usual or was this the result of the anniversary celebration? "It's always like this," he said.
 I am still overwhelmed.

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