Thursday, August 20, 2015

Zucchini Fritters

 The gardening question that comes every August I've planted zucchini in the garden is this: "What to do with all of them?"

 Mom has told me "No more!" every time I show up at the back door with another load.

 In fact, our one zucchini plant has produced nearly four dozen squash.

 I'm going to make zucchini bread in a day or two. But for lunch today we settled on zucchini fritters. Allrecipes has a good recipe called Easy Zucchini Fritters. This is the recipe I used.

 Without a kitchen scale, it's difficult to know what 1-1/2 pounds of grated zucchini is. I used a digital postal scale and came up a little short but decided to make them anyway. I squeezed the excess water out with my hands, thinking cheesecloth was adding a little bit too much work.

The resulting fritters are a little too salty for Mom's taste (though not mine) and I'd reduce the teaspoon of salt accordingly. Of course I had less grated zucchini which might have made up for the difference.

 The initial mixture is creamy and easy to work. We added a little more flour than was called for, too.

 I only have a small pan so I was able to fry just three at a time.I used margarine rather than olive oil (which also contributed to the saltiness). My ingredients produced nine fritter.

 They're quite  delicious and a good way to use up excess zucchini. Actually they might be called "zucchini pancakes". I left on the skin before grating so the flecks of green add some interest to the fritter. I might add that it's the minced gloves of garlic that really make this dish. It smells wonderful as it fries.

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