Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Another stop at Fazolis ...

 Last Saturday (01/23) Tom and I managed to get away long enough to make several stops: first to Stockslager's Garden Center where he bought a bag of hyacinth bulbs for forcing; then to Fazoli's for lunch; and finally to the West Carrollton YMCA for a quick swim and shower.

 I usually opt for their spaghetti and marinara (meatless). Tom chose a sampler (background) and salad. Each was about the same price ($7.78 me; $8.57 Tom). It's really great Italian food and at a good price. I ordered a child's portion of my meal to take home for Mom.

Tom Buhler 

Bill Schmidt 

Bob Schmidt

 Earlier I gave Bob a pig item that Tom found at a Cincinnati thrift store. It was painted black and Tom removed all the dark paint with a brush and his fingernails. Bob might use this to hold pencils on his desk. An earlier one found its way to Nancy's kitchen where it holds a small scrubbing pad.

 Mom's slowly recovering from a couple of falls. With these short trips, I'm able to get away for an hour or two and don't feel that I'm putting her at undue risk. So far, so good.

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