Sunday, January 31, 2016

IHOP for Brunch

 Tom and I wanted to visit Mt. Airy Forest in Cincinnati, something not too far away from where he lives. But where to eat in that area just to the west? We started north on Colerain (27) and, though we passed plenty of eateries, none met with out particular interest yesterday.

 But when an IHOP came into view, we both said, "That's the place". Good choice, too.

 Though they were busy (it was about 1:30 pm on a Saturday) we had to wait no more than about ten minutes. In the meantime, flat screen TV monitors near the ceiling ticked off some of their notable offerings. I decided on the stuffed French toast right then and there.

 Various flavors of syrup were already on the table. Our waitress filled one as we sat down. By the way, the service was phenomenal ... great smiles and constant attention.

 Tom ordered some sort of garden omelet with avocado. There wasn't much avocado - a few slices were placed atop for an extra $0.99 - but it looked wonderful just the same. I love the ample amount of fresh spinach. The omelet was particularly colorful and covered an entire plate,

 Tom also got a side of blueberry pancakes with the omelet. They're something I usually order - and when I saw these I had a sudden pang of regret - but when I saw what I had ordered I felt fully satisfied.

 Ah, stuffed French toast with glazed strawberry topping. Yum! The two thick slices of toast are somehow sealed (and perhaps deep fried?) with cream cheese inside. There are three flavors offered. They also have strawberry/vanilla and peach. I'd have been happy with any of them. Blueberry would have been a great offering, too.

 We haven't had an IHOP in the Dayton area for many years (we used to go to one on 725 just west of the Dayton Mall). I understand one is under construction in the Austin Road (Miamisburg) area. It's certainly a place Tom and I will have to check out.

 The place certainly hit the spot.

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