Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pinehaven - HDR View

 I've been experimenting a bit with an HDR (High Dynamic Range) app on my smartphone. Here's a shot I took of Pinehaven on January 21 at about 1:45 pm.

 HDR photos have intrigued me for some time. They allow for a greater range of luminosity and are said to more closely mimic the human eye's response than standard photography. There's no doubt that the photographs it produces are noticeably different.

 I have Samsung Galaxy S4 Android smartphone and I'm playing around with a program called Camera HDR Studio. Read about it by clicking here.

 The photo I posted (in it's full-resolution form) is 3264x1836 pixels and is a 5.91 MB file. Though I've uploaded it at that full resolution, Blogger has probably compressed it and lost much of the range. Still, click on the picture for the highest resolution Blogger allows to see something comparable to what I'm seeing on my monitor.

 I notice particularly that the shadowed snow shows details, something that would surely be missing in a standard photograph. Of course the picture was taken in about the brightest condition possible: full sun with enough snow to really add brilliant lighting.

 HDR will be an interesting app to experiment with. What's most amazing is that another camera need not be purchased. My existing phone (with camera capability) is all that's needed. The app is free (though a "Pro" version is available).

Added 1/29/16: I took this HDR shot in the early afternoon of 1/29/16 from the south lawn facing north.

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