Sunday, January 17, 2016

Shake It Records

 Not far from Tom's apartment is Shake It Records at 4156 Hamilton Avenue. The place is an interesting time portal and it plays especially clearly "my" decade, the 1960's. There are Beatles posters and other memorabilia galore.

It's interesting to me that the store stocks so many vinyl LP's. I suppose that format is coming back. And they sell used electronic equipment, such as turntables, Shades of 1965!

 The store physically reminds of the "five and dime" stores that were so common in the 1950's  For those of you old enough, remember the creaky wooden floors? They're still here.
 And with music available via downloads and streaming services, it's a testament to stick-to-it-iveness that this place continues to draw a steady stream of customers ... young and old, I might add. I love this throwback to earlier days.

 Near the rear of the store there's a "Beat Time" pinball machine that's been converted to a Beatles theme. Not sure how they pulled that off, or whether the machine is available for play (it appears to be operative with coin slot and metal ball) but it sure looks good sitting there.

 Besides the music, there are lot of posters and books. Tom bought a used book on Janis Joplin. Those of us who grew up during the years of the Beatles invasion - or those nostalgic for what they missed - certainly have a place they can call home.

 It's worth the trip to Northside just to step through the door.

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